Friday, December 19, 2014

Would you rather be...

We had a lot of fun and great discussion on if we'd rather be one of Santa's reindeer or one of his elves.
Check out our elves and some of the great opinion writing that we did.

Which would you rather be? We'd love to hear back from you!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

What's your opinion?

We have been working on our opinion unit in writing. We know that an opinion is how you feel about something and isn't necessarily a true statement for all.
For example, "Chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies ever!"  I've gotten some groans from making that statement. 

This week we read Santa's Reindeer Games and The Elf on the Shelf. After reading each story we talked about what would be neat about being an elf or a reindeer.  After making our lists, I asked everyone what they would prefer to be and everyone came up and graphed in the SMARTboard. On Monday we are going to list our reasons for choosing what we did and then we will write our opinion pieces. 

I'm hoping to have these done by Thursday so that you will be able to enjoy them if you are able to attend the Winter concert. Speaking of the Winter Concert, there will be performances at both 9:00 and 1:00. If you are attending the 1:00 performance, you are welcome to take your child home with you after the concert. You will just need to come to the classroom to check them out.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Google hangout

This morning we got the opportunity to "Hangout" with a 1st grade class in Castlerock, Colorado. We spoke with them about various holiday traditions in our towns. We found out that Castlerock is a town of about 20,000 people and they have an annual tradition called Star Lighting! They have a large rock in town which they put a star on top of. After Thanksgiving, Santa comes and lights the star which stays lit until the end of December. We told them about the annual tradition that our Pulaski library has with the Frosty's Wonderland. We found out that our celebrations had several things in common. We also told them about the tradition that our village had until this year of putting the Christmas trees up on the light posts.
It was a neat experience and one which we hope we can again share with Mrs. Breithart's class.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We have email!

I am excited to report that we have finally added email to our iPads!!! No need to worry about receiving 500 emails from your child in a week, the main purpose for us having email on our iPads is for us to be able to share our creations with you. I do have strict expectations regarding the use of email and your child is only allowed to email myself and their parents. Emails will generally be a project  or creation that your child will send you and must have approval from me or another adult in our room before being sent. Students who do not adhere to the expectations will get a reminder and a 2nd chance but if issues continue, their email will be removed from their iPad as we are working to become responsible digital citizens.

As we become more proficient at learning how and when to send our creations we'd love to have you write back. At this point, I have not taught your child how to check their actual email account on the iPad as we are simply using it as a way to share. Give us a couple of weeks and then feel free to respond back to your child's email. If you've already done this, no worries- please just don't expect a response back for a bit.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


We've been working our doubles facts in math for the past week. We've watched the 2 videos below multiple to help us with these facts in addition to playing several different doubles games. Doubles to 5 seem to pretty solid, but doubles 6-9 are a bit tricky for us yet. 
We have several visuals to help us as well.
Double 1= eyes
Double 2= dog
Double 3= Soda bottles
Double 4= Spider legs
Double 5= hands
Double 6= egg carton
Double 7= calendar (2 weeks)
Double 8= crayon box
Double 9= Semi-truck - 18 wheeler

Here are several games that you can download for free to play at home as well.
Doubles Slides and Ladders

Double Trouble

Race to Rudolph (Doubles)

Down the Chimney (Doubles +1)

Here's a fun Christmas themed project you can do too.
Doubles Trees (doubles and doubles +1s)

Have fun!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Busy, busy, busy during Daily 5

Whew! Where did time go? Sorry for the late update on the blog... we've been crazy busy and I've forgotten to take pictures of some of the special things that we have been doing. 
I managed to eek out a few extra minutes today to go around and take a few pictures of activities that your children are participating in during our Daily 5 time. Each day your child gets to choose from several different areas, all of which enhance and reinforce literacy activities such as reading, writing and spelling.
One of our daily's is our Read to Self time in which kiddos can read books from their browsing boxes or enjoy some of the many big books that we have in our room. Here you can see 2 of our friends enjoying big books, complete with fun and cool pointers. /

Another location that students can go to is our Work on Writing area. Your child can choose to work at the writing table where they can do letters, notes, stories, etc and have access to lots of different papers and resources including a Glenbrook address book. Here you can see one of our classmates working on a letter to Mr. Zurko while the other is working on a Santa story.
Another option for Work on Writing is to use the app, iDiary to write their thoughts. This app is very kid friendly and allows students to import pictures, add stickers and even add their own drawing to the journal entries. 

Word Work is another area that students can choose. In this area your child works with our sight words for the week or word chunks that we are working on. We have multiple hands on ways to work with words including bingo daubers, popsicle sticks, word searches, playdough, and Roll and Write activities. Students are also able to use the Smartboard to practice their sorts and play a sight word game. This typically is a well loved area as there is something for everyone in this station.

Our last 2 stations are Listen to Reading and Read to Someone. I'll grab some more pics one of these days soon and give you a little more information about these 2 areas as well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkeys... or are they hockey players?

Check out all of our creative turkeys. They are definitely incognito for this years Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you to all who helped their child create something unique. We have them all displayed in our hall for everyone to enjoy!
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a relaxing extra few days off!! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Building for Kids

We had a great time on our field trip to The Building for Kids in Appleton. So many great learning opportunities and fun with friends. Thank you to all that were able to come along and chaperone. My apologies that it took me longer than I anticipated to get these up on the blog. Enjoy!!