Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday's Penny Wars

For those that are curious... here are the Penny War total as of Wednesday after school. 
1st grade has moved up to 2nd place!!! Yahooo!!!!! Keep those pennies and silvers coming!!!!!

1st place: 5th grade
2nd place: 1st grade (1040 pennies behind 5th)
3rd place: Kindergarten (1699 pennies behind 5th)
4th place: 2nd grade (3902 pennies behind 5th)
5th place: 4th grade (4674 pennies behind 5th)
6th place: 3rd grade (5548 pennies behind 5th)

On a classroom note- we are working hard to start getting our schedule in place and are have started working with our math journal. Today we got our Tool Kits and our pattern block templates. The kiddos got a chance to experiment with them and made some very cool pictures. We also played a game called Monster Squeeze which is helping us to review the concept larger than and smaller than. Your child is bringing home a copy of the game to play at home with you. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice Job. Your the BEST techer ever