Math Curriculum:
Our district has adopted Origo Education's, Stepping Stones math program. 
Click the link below to view the program's content for each module. 
Stepping Stones Program Content

Basic Math Facts:
Common Core Standards for 1st grade state that students should be able to:
CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.OA.C.6 Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10. 
We will be working on Math Fact Fluency throughout the year. Please know that fluency does not mean that your child will be able to do math problems quickly from memory but rather that your child will be able to flexibly, accurately, and efficiently find answers to basic facts while also being able to explain their approaches. We want students to understand what it means when we say 4+2 not just be able to quickly give an answer that has no meaning because they do not understand the math behind the answer.

During our fluency practice we will focus on the following number relationship strategies:

  • Counting on (+1, +2, +3) and their turn-arounds. 
    • Ie: 6+1 and 1+6
  • Doubles and Doubles +1 and +2
    • Ie: 6+6, 6+7, 6+8
  • Making 10 (Bridge to Ten)
    • Ie: for 9+5 you would think 10+4

As each of these strategies is introduced I will send home a parent information sheet explaining the strategy and also a set of coordinating facts that align with the strategy that you can use at home to help your child practice as well.

Fact Fluency Assessement:
Addition fluency will be assessed in Sept, Jan and May
Subtraction fluency will be assessed in January and May

The END OF THE YEAR scoring rubric for fact fluency is shown below.

Pulaski District Scoring Rubric and Timeline
If you are looking for additional ways you can help your child with their facts you will find several resources in the "Links for Parents" section on the right and some apps below. 

Apps: (click on the name to link to the iTunes description)
If you have an iPad at home here are a couple of apps that are also wonderful. Both apps show your child the strategies and help them to understand the strategies better.

Addimal Adventure ($2.99) Great app! Teachley's characters show kids how to master different addition strategies (counting on, doubles and make 10)
Subtractimals ($2.99) This is the subtraction companion to Addimal Adventures above.