Our classroom expectations

It is extremely important for our classroom to be a safe, comfortable and happy place for your child to be each day so that learning can occur. I work hard to promote a positive learning environment that is fun, yet structured. I model routines and expected behaviors daily so children can be successful and are not left to guess what is expected of them. We also discuss and review our classroom expectations (complete with actions- ask your child to show you).
Our class has four expected behaviors. They are:
  1. Follow directions quickly
  2. Raise your hand to share
  3. Make smart choices
  4. Be kind
 Along with our classroom expectations, our school has implemented a school-wide behavior program called, PBIS, which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. This system teaches and reteaches positive (expected) behaviors.

How does it work?
At the beginning of the year, Glenbrook staff will teach students the expected behaviors for the bathrooms, hallways, cafeteria and playground. These expectations are displayed on posters around the school (see posters below) and are continually referred to and modeled throughout the year.
Bathroom Expectations
BANO is Spanish for bathroom

Playground expectations

Cafeteria Expectations
Hallway expectations
PASEO is Spanish for hallway

When students are caught displaying expected behaviors, they can earn tickets which we call "Knightly Notes". These tickets can be earned in all areas of our building and can be given by any teacher.

Students keep their Knightly Notes in their "Ticket Bag" in our classroom. Their Knightly Notes can then be exchanged for various classroom and school-wide prizes.

Students get to shop from our coupon rewards for things such as: lunch with the teacher, tech time on the iPad, bring a stuffed animal to school, and more! Each item is worth a different amount of tickets so students need to think carefully about what they want to purchase and if they are going to spend or save up for bigger ticket items. Students may also choose to trade in 5 tickets for a raffle ticket entry for 1 of 2 monthly school drawings. These may include things such as: lunch with the principal or library helper for an hour. These drawings will be held at the end of each month.

For every 100 tickets redeemed in the classroom, a ball will be added to the Knightly Note Barrel in the library hallway.Once the barrel is filled, students earn an all-school celebration!