Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groudhog Day 2011

 We have been reading and researching about Groundhogs this week. Yesterday we created a graph predicting whether or not we thought the groundhog would see his shadow. We also brainstormed a list of teachers in the building that we wanted to survey. The kids set out in teams of 2 or 3 to collect the data and then came back to complete our graph. We even had Dr. Lightner come over and give us his prediction. Overwhelmingly, the vote was that the groundhog would not see his shadow which would mean that we would have an early spring. If you look below to the left, you will see Punxsatawney Phil's prediction. Jimmy the Groundhog's prediction was the same. There's also a special message from Jimmy below. What do you think of the results? Let us know in the comment section below.

Today, we used Google Earth to locate Punxsatwney Phil's home in Pennsylvania and Jimmy's home in Sun Prarie, WI (did you know that we had a famous groundhog right here in WI?). We also went onto both groundhog's websites to find out how their predictions turned out. If you'd like to check out Punxsatawney Phil's website, click here.

It was a battle of the groundhog's today- PA vs. WI just like the big game on Sunday!!
Stay tuned for more information about groundhogs in the next couple of days as we will be recording some interesting facts as well.
Happy Groundhog Day!!!!!

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  1. Hi boys and girls!
    Wow, you have learned a lot in the past few days! You are now groundhog experts! Thank you for sharing all of your woodchuck knowledge with me!

    Keep on learning,

    Mr. Van :)