Friday, March 11, 2011

Place Value

Today in math we focused on place value. We worked with partners to represent numbers using base-10 blocks. We've worked with ones and tens in the past but today we also added on hundreds. We also worked on exchanging cubes (1s) for longs (10s) and longs (10s) for flats (100s). The kids did a fantastic job working with their partners and collaborating on their learning!!!

Yesterday, we also had a surprise note from a leprechuan named Louie. He  wrote to tell us that he was lookin' for his gold in our classroom. Today he left us a book called, Leprechaun's Gold. We're hoping that he's a nice leprechaun and that he doesn't cause too much trouble while he's snooping around our room. We are hoping to try and catch him though... we have a few questions we'd like to ask him. Shhhh... we don't want him to know that we're planning to catch him. I hope that you and your child will plan to participate in our trap project. It's always fun to see the variety of ideas and clever traps that families come up with.
Have a great weekend!!!

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