Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year

Welcome to The Dog Blog!!!

I hope everyone had a dog-gone great summer and that you and your child are ready for a pawsitively great year!  As you may know, our class is 1 of 5 model technology classrooms this year and as such we will be embedding technology into our curriculum in ways that will enhance our learning. 

The Dog Blog is one means that we will be using this year. This blog will be a newsletter of sorts which will be updated several times a week. It is my hope that it will "keep you in the loop" with our learning. Throughout the year you will find pictures, slideshows, information about upcoming events, general classroom happenings, and so much more throughout the year.  Our class website will continue to be maintained for general information and links to some of our favorite sites. I hope that you will bookmark our site, check in often, and also take the time to leave comments for us as well.

As the year progresses and our writing skills develop, we will begin to blog together as a class. Students will also get the chance to do some of the blogging with adult assistance later in the year.  This will be a way for your child to practice their writing skills with a technology twist.. As I said above, please don't hesitate to leave comments- we really enjoy reading them when we check in and it gives the kiddos a sense of pride and ownership.

If you'd like, you can also follow my professional blog, Reflections on Teaching, Learning, and Technology, which I use as a reflective component to my teaching. It is also a means for me to share and discuss 21st century learning strategies as we venture down model technology path.

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