Thursday, September 1, 2011

and we're off!

We made it through our 1st day of school!!!
We had a very busy day and I'm sure you're child came home exhausted. Getting back into the swing and learning all of the routines associated with a new teacher/grade level takes a lot out of you! To help ease this transition, please be sure your child gets the extra rest they need these next couple of weeks and that they eat a good breakfast before coming to school.

I wanted to post a few pictures of our 1st day, but forgot my camera on my desk, so I'll add pics later.  I hope your child did their homework and told you 3 things about our day. Some of the things we did today included going on our scavenger hunt, making our paper plate dogs, playing pass the pooch (a get to know each other activity) and having Mr. Sufka (our new principal) in to read us a story. He read,  The Principal from the Black Lagoon. Boy, were we glad to find out that he isn't at all like what Hubie thought his principal was like.

We also had Spanish today and learned how to say, My name is ____ in Spanish. Ask your child to share that with you. Me llamo (pronounced, may amo...)

Here's looking to a great Friday!!

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