Friday, September 16, 2011

Book shopping

I felt bad not having some pictures to end the week so here are a few of us learning how to shop for new books today. We have been learning about IPICK, a strategy to help us find just right books.
I= I choose a good book
P- What is my PURPOSE for reading this book
I- Does this book INTEREST me?
C- Do I COMPREHEND what I am reading?
K- Do I KNOW most of the words?

We really focused on our purpose for reading today and what interests us. Over the week I will be providing mini lessons on knowing most of the words and comprehending.

When we shop I have each child do 2 things.
  1. I have them find 6 books from what I call my color dot tubs which are books that are at their level. I don't approach it this way with the kiddos though- at this point, they are just tubs that keep my books organized
  2. Each child got to find 6 books from our classroom library that INTERESTED them. At this point, the books may not be at their independent or instructional level, but we have discussed that there are 3 ways to read a book including, read the pictures.
Having kiddos choose books that interest them is a very important part of how we become good readers. As we get better and practice more students will choose books that are of interest to them AND are just right for them.... it just takes us a bit to get to that point. Lots to learn and internalize for that to be successful. I'll keep you updated on our progress.
I will say however, I was VERY pleased with how well everyone shopped today and the choices they made!!

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