Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun and Funky Friday!

 Definitely another busy week here in 1st grade. In math we have been working on many different skills including counting pennies, counting nickels, and counting combinations of nickels and pennies.

Using extra-large money and a stop sign we practiced counting nickel and penny combinations.  We learned to sort our money first and that counting the nickels first made counting a cinch! We used the stop sign to help us remember to make the switch from counting by 5s to 1s.

Friday's always bring surprises which is why we call it "Fun and Funky Friday". This week was no different as we got to meet with our reading buddies for the first time. Fun and Funky Friday brought a little twist though... in the morning all of 1st grade met with our 4th grade reading buddies. It was awesome! The 4th graders brought some books with them and we practiced our Read to Someone expectations. 
In the afternoon, we had a special treat and met with our 4K buddies... yep 4th in the morning and 4K in the afternoon. What made the afternoon so special was that WE got to be the role models and teachers and we helped the 4Ker's learn a little about Read to Someone by showing them how to EEKK. Ask your child what EEKK is.  The 1st graders were so excited about this opportunity and performed grandly. Best part was, the 4Ker's had a blast as one of them commented, "This is the best party ever!" We're looking forward to meeting with them again soon!


  1. I like reading buddies! My favorite are 4th graders.


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  4. I am so proud of all of you for helping out our 4k students. You will make great role models for them to follow by showing them the right way to do things! :-)