Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Where has the time gone? My apologies for not updating over the past week. Things have been beyond busy with the holiday season upon us.
So here's a recap...
We've have been working hard on learning how to write letters using the 5 parts of a letter. Ask your child what the parts are.

Last week Monday, Mr. Dahlke, our Director of Technology, came over and walked us through setting up email on our iPods. Since then, I have been emailing the class our morning message and if they choose, they are able to email me back during their Work on Writing time. At this time, kiddos are only allowed to email me without checking in with a teacher. If you'd like to, feel free to email your child as well. They are absolutely thrilled when they receive an email. You child's email address is:
23(the 1st 2 letters of their 1st name)(their whole last name)
For example: mine would be

Last week Wednesday the model technology classroom teachers put together a presentation for the school board meeting. It was wonderful to share with them and many of our district administrators the positives that we are seeing within our rooms. I've embedded my portion of the presentation below if you'd like to view it. The day after our presentation we had one of the school board members come to our class to visit. This coming Monday the district administrators will be coming to visit our classroom. The kids are very excited and are ready to not only share what we are doing, but why we are doing it and how it benefits their learning! I'm excited for THEM to be able to do the talking!

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