Monday, January 30, 2012

We are currently working on the concept of place value in math. We have been using Base 10 blocks during math class as a hands-on experience to this somewhat tricky concept. We are learning what numbers actually mean: for example, 38 means that we have 3 tens and 8 ones. We have been building and adding lots of different numbers in many different situations over the past week. Today we even added 2 digit numbers as a way to visually show kiddos how to regroup numbers.
Today in the computer lab, we played a game on the site Fuel the Brain that had us practice these skills. As kiddos played the game, base ten blocks flash on the screen for a set time limit. They have to count quickly as once the timer runs out they must enter the correct number to proceed to the next set of blocks. Each time a correct answer is given, the timer decreases or increases for each incorrect answer. At the end of the interactive, data is displayed showing the incorrect and correct answers and what time limit the slide was in view. This was a great way for us to practice counting blocks quickly. If you'd like to give it a try at home, please click on this link-Base 10 Blocks
Have Fun!!!

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