Saturday, February 11, 2012

Talking to the Cowpokes

Today we Skype'd with Mrs. Christian's Cowpokes, our buddy class in Sachse, Texas.  We started by formally introducing ourselves. Each student from both classes got to come up to the webcam and introduce themselves. Their assistant principal even took part in our video conference.
Then we each shared things that we are doing in our classes.  We found out that our classes are similar in lots of different ways. One of Mrs. Christian's students told us how they use inferences and their schema to help them when they read. We were very excited as we knew exactly what he was talking about because we do the same thing and even use the same words. 
Robbie was their Scholar of the week and had brought an estimation jar to school with Lego bricks in it. He showed it to us and we all made a prediction as well and emailed them our guesses. We found out later that Mackenzie was the closest with a guess of 28.

Allie, Angie, and Grayson each shared their Groundhog research papers with them. We found out that they do not have a famous groundhog in TX.

We can't wait to chat with them again!! What a wonderful global experience for both classes. The world truly is a small place when you realize that people in other parts of the world are no different than yourself.

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