Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We learned how to use a new app today called, Rocket Math. For those of you with iPods/iPads at home, this is a great app to help with various math skills including addition and subtraction, even/odd numbers, money identification, time, patterns, and so much more. There is also a free version that does not include as many levels/missions in case you'd like to try it out first. The full version is only 99 cents.

This morning we also spent some time talking with our Skype buddies in Texas as well as our buddies in Mr. Jarock's high school math class. 
We found out from our Texas buddies that they received their eggs. They are going to be hatching chicks and are going to bring us along on the adventure! Today we got to see one of the eggs. It didn't look at all like what we had thought. We also learned that the eggs they will be incubating are not the kind that we would eat for breakfast as they are fertilized, which means a chick is inside. Mrs. Christian explained this as being that the egg had all the right parts for it to turn into a chick and that the ones in the store are unfertilized- so no need to worry about breakfast (or brunch for lunch as we had eggs today for hot lunch)

We had fun with Mr. Jarock's math class as we asked them last week if they would like a whole candy bar or a half of a candy bar based on a lesson that we did as an intro to fractions. I had asked the kiddos last week if they wanted a whole cracker or a half of a cracker. Those that wanted a whole one got an oyster cracker while those that wanted a half, got 1/2 of a graham cracker. We discussed why this wasn't fair and talked about how fractional parts need to always be fair and square and divided equally. We then played the same "joke" on Mr. Jarock's class. Everyone in the class, except Mr. Jarock wanted a whole candy bar (of course!) so we sent them treat sized Kit Kats while Mr. Jarock got a full-sized candy bar that he was able to break in half for himself. We've been learning a lot from each other! The seniors recently wrote us letters as well and then we wrote back. I even heard that one of the Skype buddies met at a ball game the other day. Cool!  We have letters again and our buddies sent us some math problems to figure out this time. We're excited to read them, figure out the problems and send them back.

Til next time.... Have a great week

Oh, don't forget our Spring Concert with Randy Peterson is this Friday from 1-2:15. Should be a fantastic show!! Hope you can make it!!!!

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