Sunday, June 3, 2012


We started our animal research last week. We spent a little bit of time on Monday perusing the various topics (ants, grasshoppers, ladybugs, spiders, wolves, etc). After we were done, each student wrote down their top 3 choices based on what they were most interested in. On Tuesday each student was buddied up with another student who had the same interest as they did. Each day this week we spent time learning/reviewing how to read for information including how to use the Table of Contents, the index, and the glossary of a book. We have been looking for information such as: where does the animal live, what does it eat, what is its life cycle,  and other interesting facts. On Thursday (and a bit of time Friday due to technical glitches Thurs) we also went onto a couple of different websites to locate information. We will now be using our information to write our very own non-fiction books on our topics. 

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  1. I love how all those kids are working together.