Monday, October 8, 2012

Listen to Reading

Today we started learning about our 4th daily, Listen to Reading. This is a fun one that kids build their stamina up for very quickly. This daily has children listening to books "on tape" for fluency and expression as well as reading/word recognition. We will be learning how to use several different tools and devices for this daily. Children will have the option of  listening to books on tape (the old fashioned way), on CD, on their iPad (we have around 20 different stories on our iPads), and on the netbooks using the Sqworl I created. You can access this Sqworl from home as well. You can find it on the right hand side bar under the Dog-Gone Links area. It is called, Listen to Reading. Your child will likely already know how to navigate this area as we have been using it as a whole class for the past several weeks during our snack breaks.
We'll be practicing how to use each of these devices over the next few days. We'll be starting with our iPads as they are the easiest to use and each kiddo has access to one. From there we'll learn how to use the CD players, then the tape player, and last, the netbooks.
Stay tuned for kid-taken pics of classmates showing expected behaviors during this daily as well as a picture of our anchor chart.

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