Thursday, December 20, 2012

Timmy, the Elf

With Snowstorm Brianna  and our late-in Friday changing our weekly routine, our Holiday Sing-along is now scheduled for 1:15 pm Friday.  

I'm sure your child has mentioned, Timmy, our classroom elf to you. Timmy has been hanging out in our classroom for a couple of weeks now. He is keeping on eye on us and is heading back to the North Pole each night to let Santa know if we've been using expected behaviors at school.  Each morning when he returns, he is in a new location in our classroom. 

Each day when the kiddos come in they look to find Timmy and then with their iPads, take a picture of him. I love seeing the different ways the kiddos take their pictures! Some take their pics from far away, some zoom in, and some take theirs from interesting angles. Each one is definitely unique. I love the one on the right that shows a some of the other students taking their pictures as well.

This one is also interesting, as part way through the day, Timmy fell over. We think he must have had a long night and decided that he needed to take a nap. One of the students felt she needed to get a pic of this event as well. 

So all of this said, we are obviously having fun documenting Timmy's escapades in our classroom but the long-range goal of all our picture taking is going to be a technology project in which your child will take all of their daily pictures and turn them into an iMovie or PicCollage creation which we will then share with your via our blog and/or email. We will also be using these pictures as a springboard for a paragraph writing project as well.

Our Polar Express activities went well (I'm so glad that we opted to move our celebration to Wed). The kiddos rotated to 4 different classrooms and participated in several different activities ranging from re-enacting the story, to playing a Roll-a-train game and drinking hot cocoa, making an ornament, an d several other activities. The Pulaski News sent a photgrapher over, so be on the lookout for your child to possibly be in the paper as well.

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