Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Determining Importance

Today we reviewed the comprehension strategy of determining importance. This is a strategy in which the reader distinguishes between information in the story that is very important, kind of important or not important at all (just interesting but not necessary for understanding the story). To help make the point, today we 

used the contents of my purse. We started by making a list of the items as you can see on the chart and then we discussed what would be most important if I was going out for dinner.  We decided that my iPod shuffle would really not be important in that context. After discussing this context, kiddos were partnered up and given an organizer to help them sort out the items. They had to decide which items would fall into each category if I was going to go to the gym and run on the treadmill after school. The results were interesting and varied depending on how students interpreted the items.

So have a go at this yourself or try it out with your child. Remember you have to discuss your reasoning.

Here are the items in my purse:

iPod shuffle,wallet, check book, cell phone, duct tape wallet (yes, this really was in my purse), gift cards, receipts, car keys, a post-it note, lipstick, and pens.

If I was planning to go out and buy Mr. Malchow a birthday gift, which items would be the most important???

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