Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Just some random pics from the past few days.
We cleaned out our seat sacks last week and all of the old papers were thrown out. The fun part? Getting to make the papers into a snowball and shoot it into the recycle bin. One shot only!

We've been working on greater than/ less than and made a "greedy fish" to help us know which way to put the relation sign. The fish have been a popular tool this week. Your child's fish will be coming home in the coming week.

HAPPY100th DAY!!! We celebrated with many 100th day activities ( and a few more tomorrow that we didn't finish up - never enough time in a day!). We made 100th day crowns this morning and counted by 10s as we went and even thought about how many more we would need to get to a 100 as we went. We've got some great mathematical thinkers!
Picture 4- what can we say? Sometimes you just have to do a silly pic too!!

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