Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cats versus DOGS

An interesting day to say the least. This morning, Mrs. McAllister, one of our 2nd grade teachers came down to let us know that her students had written letters to us and asked if they could come down later in the day. They had been working on how to write persuasive paragraphs and had done cats versus dogs. Now if you don't know... Mrs. McAllister is a huge cat lover, as much so as I am a huge dog lover and when we both taught together in 2nd grade we had some friendly bantering back and forth over which was better... needless to say, the friendly bantering has continued despite the fact the we teach different grades. 
So, this afternoon her kiddos came down and read their persuasive paragraphs to us in hopes that we would like cats better than dogs. In the end we graphed our results and what we found out was that 10 kids in our class liked dogs better versus 8 who liked cats better. Whew! It was a neck and neck race right til the end, but in the end DOGS RULE (and cats still drool)

Ask your child to share the letter that their 2nd grade friend wrote to them. It should be in their DOG binders this evening.

Also, we have been reading a chapter book together called, Gooney Bird Greene. Have your child tell you about the chapter we read today, "The prince, the palace and the diamond earrings"  The title is misleading... have them explain to you what was funny about the chapter and what their initial (and probably yours as well) mental image was.

Have a great night!

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