Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Fun Night!

Just a reminder that our Annual Family Fun Night is coming up quickly. As always, there will be lots to do and fun for all. There will again be food, games, various raffles and auctions, including the all-famous teacher auction.

This year I will be auctioning off a PJ, Pancake and Porkie Day. If your child wins, they and 3 of their friends will be able to wear their PJ's to school and join me for lunch in my classroom where I will make them a pancake lunch... but not just any pancakes.... check out some of the options below.  We may even make magic pancakes... sorry- it's a secret for the winner's eyes only. Hope to see you on April 19th!!!


  1. So cool I am saving money to try to get p.j.'s porkies and pancakes. My friends I will bring are Maddie, Taylor, and Ashton. I'm going to have so much fun if I win.
    ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. We do not do rocket math!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really loved pancakes Porkies and P.J.s the pancakes and porkies were so good