Sunday, September 22, 2013


We have been starting to use our iPads to enhance our learning at various times during the day. Below are a few of the apps that we have been using in the event that you would like to add them to your personal devices.

Subitize Tree - This app helps students to be able to "see" numbers quickly. This app has become a class favorite and has several levels and items to choose from when subitizing. 
Research has shown...
* that there is a strong relationship between subitizing skills and math achievement in the early grades.
*Subitizing supports addition (counting on) and subtraction (counting back)skills.
*Subitizing supports fluency in more than and less than skills.
*Subitizing supports fluency in recognizig visual patterns
*Subitizing support mathematical speed and accuracy.

Letter School is a fun app to help with handwriting. In the settings you can change the handwriting type to HWT (Handwriting Without Tears) which is the style of writing our district teaches kindergartners. One of the aspects I love about this app is that it provides the student with a gradual release- it starts by showing students how to make the letter, next it helps them through the process and last students do it on their own from memory. I have used this app for a couple of years now in addition to our paper and pencil practice and the kids really enjoy it.

Word Bingo- This is fun app to help students with their sight words. You can also find this game online at 

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