Monday, November 4, 2013


We've been working hard on telling time to the hour on both digital and analog clocks during math. Kiddos are doing a very nice job with this concept. Try to reinforce this skill at home by asking them what time it is when the time is close to an "on hour" time.  We played a fun matching game last week where each student was given a digital, analog or written time and they had to roam the room to find their matching time partners.

During our social skills time with Mrs. Olson we have been learning about big problem/little problem and how to use our Super Flex strategies. Today we learned more about Rock Brain, an Unthinkable. A Rock Brain is someone who gets stuck in their thinking and are unable to move around a problem. We made our very own Rock Brains today which the kiddos are excited to bring home and share with you... although not quite yet as we need them at school to help with our learning yet.

After we learned about Rock Brain and Superflex we used an app called, Sock Puppets to tell about what we learned. This is a great app for helping kiddos to share what they learned in a fun and engaging way.

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