Saturday, February 1, 2014

Number grid patterns

Embedded image permalinkWe have been working on finding patterns when using numbers. We started by taking a taking a number line from 0-100 and locating numbers. We then cut that number line apart in increments of 10 and taped it together. It got quite messy but the kid really began to see how much easier it was to find numbers based on the patterns. We found out that all of the ones place numbers in a column were the same (26,36,46,56,etc) and all of the tens place numbers in a row were the same (51,52,53,54,55, etc) 

After playing around with these patterns and finding numbers on our taped-up number grid, we got out the iPads and used our skills to find numbers on a hundred grid- the hitch was... the numbers were hidden so we had to use our new found knowledge to make educated moves. We used the app, Math Adventures Lite

Check it out for yourself and challenge your child to beat you in game. Remind the to think about the tens and ones and how the patterns work on the number grid. Good luck!

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