Friday, May 23, 2014

Learning Braille

On Friday one of the members of our school family introduced us to what it is like to read Braille. All of the students were given some basic information such as: every letter and number is made up of a combination of 6 dots and capital letters are signified by a single #6 dot proceeding the letter that is to be capitalized.

After learning a little bit, each child was given a mat and 6 yellow dots that they could use to build letters. We started out by practicing certain letters by being told which cells we needed to use. After a bit of practice, we were given a Braille alphabet sheet to guide our practice. As we practiced, each student was also asked to build one letter of their choice to try and stump our class expert. It was a great way for us to learn and for our expert to practice and reinforce his skills as well as he had to feel the letter they made and tell them which letter it was.
Each student at the end of our lesson was presented with a card that had their name written in Braille that our resident expert made for us, a Braille alphabet card with raised letters and a packet of Braille practice sheets so we could practice our names, riddles, etc. 

Can you figure out which letters each of the pictures represents? You can use the Braille alphabet guide to help you. 
Good luck!

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