Monday, September 15, 2014

It's International Dot Day!

Did you know that Sept 15th is International Dot Day?! This day revolves around the book by Peter Reynolds called, The Dot and challenges participants to make their mark and see where it takes them. To get the kids excited about what we were going to do, each of them got this sheet on their desks this morning. Their job was to color a picture inside of "the dot".

Once they finished their coloring, they opened an app called, colAR Mix on their iPads and pointed their iPad at their image. As they held their iPad on their sheet, the center area came to life in a 3D way. You can click on the link above to download this free app and try it yourself. There are other neat pictures to color and use the app on as well.

This was just the beginning- later in the morning we enjoyed the book, The Dot, via the YouTube video below. We then talked about creativity, self expression, and taking risks.  After our discussion, we created our own dot projects, digitally, on our iPads using an app called, Drawing Pad.  It was amazing to see what "just a dot" can turn into when it comes from different people's imaginations. We will be sharing our creations with our buddy class in Oshawa, Ontario Canada later in the week via Skype. We're excited to meet them and see what they did for Dot Day too!


Here are our finished digital dot art pieces. Kiddos not only learned how to navigate our new app, but also how to use a stylus, how to take a screen shot and how to save their images to their camera roll today as well. It was a fantastic day of embedding technology into our learning!

Stay tuned for more global, collaborative digital projects as we will be participating in several throughout the year. Our next project will have us learning about different areas of the United States through a leaf exchange. More info to come on that soon.

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