Saturday, September 20, 2014

Skype'n buddies!!

Introducing ourselves to our buddy class.
We finally got to meet our buddy class in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada via Skype on Friday. At first glance, we were a little astonished to see that many of the students were dressed like pirates as you can see in the picture to the right. Mrs. Draper told us that it was "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" and so many of her students dressed up as pirates for the day.

We spent some time meeting our new buddies as both classes came up to the camera one at a time to introduce themselves. You can see one of Mrs. Draper's kiddos below introducing himself. When it was our turn, we also wrote our names on a little white board so they could see our names (that's what Mr. Sufka is passing out) as our audio seemed to have a bit of lag. 
writing our names on white boards
Getting our iPad art ready to share
After introducing ourselves, both classes shared some of the art we created for International Dot Day. Mrs. Draper's kiddos used the COLar Mix app just like we did but also made Dot Rock art. We then shared screen shots of our COLar mix projects as well as our Digital Dot art. There were lots of ooohs and ahhhhs as we shared. It was a great experience and we are excited to connect again soon. Next time we will be sharing information about our schools. We plan to take pics of some of the important places in our school and classroom to share with our buddies.

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