Thursday, October 30, 2014

A tech-ified Mystery Reader

On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Uelmen, our Director of Instructional Technology, popped in as our Mystery Reader. We were a bit worried when she showed up without any books. We should have known better as she brought her favorite e-book on her iPad. Even better was that she used AirServer which means she was able to project the book from her iPad onto the Smartboard for us to see. She read the book, Hiccapotumus to us which was about a hippo with the hiccups. When we were done enjoying the story, she had several YouTube clips of various animal hiccups for us to enjoy and compare as well as a very funny video clip of a set of twin boys. We giggled a lot at this one... if was a great way to end our Wacky Wednesday. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the link above.
We have really been enjoying our mystery readers as each one has had a special flare!
I wonder who will be popping in next?

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