Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a picture is worth a 1000 words...

Well, so they say. Sorry if you checked the blog this week and only saw the picture. My guess is that you weren't quite sure what you were looking at.

This week we wrapped Module 2 by studying measurement, specifically measuring with non-standard units such as paper clips, connecting links, cubes, and even cubits. You'll have to ask your child what a cubit is. :-)
A good portion of our learning revolved around the correct way to measure. We had a little song and hand action to help us remember the 2 important pieces: "no gaps, no overlaps" Have your child tell you about what that means, and sing our little ditty to you. 
We also discussed how even though we were measuring the same object (a stapler for example) that the measurements were different depending on what we used to measure with. For example we had  much larger number when measuring with paper clips versus our connecting links. We had a great discussion about why that happens and set the groundwork for measuring with standard units in the near future.

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