Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Determining Importance when reading

We've been learing about the reading strategy- Determining Importance. This strategy is used when good readers need to decide between what is simply interesting in a text and what's important in order to understand what they are reading.We did an experiment today in which we had a bowl of water with noodles in it which represented our books and stories and a colander which represented our brains. We used the colander (our brain) to strain out the noodles (the important information, the main ideas, and key topics) and left the water (the interesting stuff with little detail) behind. To help solidify the concept, your child took a picture of our experiment, labeled the pieces and sent you a copy. Please have them tell you a bit about this to help the idea stick even more. They should be able to tell you that our brains need to pick out the important information and leave the other stuff behind.

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