Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Learning about fractions

We have been learning about fractions and how they must be shared "fair and square". In first grade, we specifically work on halves and fourths. We learned that every time you fold a paper in 1/2 that the pieces you create double. For example is your paper has 2 equal part and you fold it again for another 2 equal parts you will have 4 equal parts. We use the ditty, "double, double, half, half" to help us remember this. Ask your child to share the ditty with you as well as the hand actions that we use to show it.

Screenshot of Pizza Fraction app
Here is a link to one of the fun and FREE apps that reinforces fraction knowledge. Pizza Fractions

You could also use the FREE Geoboard app and have your child make a particular shape and then have them "cut" it into half or fourths. Or practice our "double, double, half, half" routine.
Geoboard app icon

Another great way to reinforce fractions with our child and one of the concepts that can be tricky is to draw a number of object such as 12 hearts and then have your child loop 1/2 or 1/4 of the shapes.

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