Monday, March 2, 2015

Math Fact Families

We have been learning about fact families in math. Ask your child to tell you what they know about fact families. They should be able to tell you that they have 3 numbers (or members in the family), that they have 4 problems (plus,plus,minus,minus- have them show you the actions) and that the numbers need to be related. Today the kiddos worked with a partner to find the fact families associated with dominoes. They then used one of 3 iPad apps to show their learning and then uploaded their finished product to a Padlet wall to share with others including our Twitter buddies. 
Check out the Padlet below to see your child's learning. 
Click on any of the images and they will enlarge. There will then be an arrow in the top right hand corner that you can advance through each of the images. Enjoy!

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