Sunday, April 19, 2015

Building terrariums

Whew! What a busy week! We started our Organisms unit in science last week which meant preparing several different habitats for living organisms before they arrive this week. We made woodland terrariums which will hold several different living organisms including plants and animals. Sorry to say that the type of animals is still a "teacher secret" and won't be revealed until they arrive.   It's a great surprise and I'm sure it will be a hot topic of conversation at the dinner table when they arrive. 
We're also making aquarium habitats which also will hold both plants and animals. 
We've also been learning about plants and spent some time last week actually learning about seeds and planting our own which we are watching carefully every day to watch the growth. Today was Day 5 and we were able to see the roots starting to grow. Lots of great observations were made including the roots, that the seeds had grown much larger and there are even some small green things starting. Hmmmm... we're all wondering what that may be and are excited to check in again tomorrow to see if there are any significant changes.

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