Thursday, September 10, 2015

Subitizing and more

It's been a fun and busy week here in "The Dog Room"! We started our LEAP rotations this week by getting the kiddos use to moving to different teachers' rooms. Every day from 9-9:35 each class went to a different 1st grade teachers' classroom to get to know them and for us to get to know all of the 1st graders. We'll be doing the same thing again next week as we continue to get this routine into place. 

Despite some tech glitches and a few new gray hairs to go along with them, our iPads are finally updated, synced, and ready to go. Today we began talking about iPad expectations (carrying them with 2 hands, never leaving them on the floor, not eating and drinking near them, etc) so we can earn our iPad licenses. We also learned where the volume control was, the power button, and the all important "home button". Tomorrow we'll be learning about how to use the camera and how to take a good picture and then each student will work to take a selfie that they will use as their iPad lock screen picture so they will know which iPad is theirs.

In math we are learning about subitizing, which is the ability to recognize numbers quickly without actually counting them. For example, if I held up one hand with all of my fingers up, you would quickly recognize that I was holding up 5 fingers. To reinforce this concept, we used an app today called, Subitize Tree. Have your child tell you about it. If you're interested in checking it out, simply click on the link above.

Our Dog of the Day today was Ashlyn. We found out that her favorite author is Robert Munsch and that she likes cheese pizza. You can read more about her on her newspaper article below. Or, have your child read the article to you. Have your child also tell you what the vowels are in Ashlyn's name and how many syllables (or claps) her name has.

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