Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kids Teaching Teachers

This week started out a little different than any other. 
We participated in a Google Hangout with Mrs. White in Indiana again, but this time we didn't chat with her students, we chatted with about 20 of her colleagues from various grade levels. Mrs. White had asked if our class would be willing to join their professional development day and talk with them about the Hangouts that we have done. We thought it was pretty special that we as kids could teach teachers about using Google Hangouts! 
We have started a new ongoing project using an app called, BookCreator. Using BookCreator, kiddos can create and publish their very own books. We are currently learning how to use the app as we create a book about our GoogleHangouts. Each time we do a Hangout, students insert a picture of a map of the United States and the find and locate Wisconsin as well as the other class' state as well. We then write a sentence or two about something we learned or found interesting as well. This will be a great way for us to practice our map skills in an authentic way in addition to creating an information text that others can read. 
We learned how to insert a picture, add text, change the text size and font and even change the background color of the page. Each time we add a page to our book, we'll learn another feature of BookCreator until we will be able to independently create our own books. BookCreator is a paid app, but definitely worth the money. If you're looking for a great way for your children to practice their writing skills while also being able to be creative, I highly recommend this app. This is also an app that students will use throughout their years at Glenbrook as well as at the middle school.

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