Thursday, February 25, 2016

Labels and Captions- what's the difference?

We are learning about informational text features right now in reading. We have learned about: titles, Table of Contents pages, Headings, Photographs, Labels and Captions. We'll be learning more including the glossary, index, maps, and types of print as well. As we've been learning about these features and what they help us to do as a reader, we have been going out into our classroom on daily scavenger hunts to find and locate examples of each. Yesterday the kiddos made a PicCollage of examples of labels. You may have gotten 2 of them as we went back and reviewed the difference yesterday since many were confusing labels and captions. We learned that labels are more simplistic and captions give us more information. The anchor charts that we are using are to the right.

As you are reading, have your child point out some of these features to you. I've had many kiddos coming back in the past week totally excited about the fact that their library book or a book that they have at home has a Table of Contents or labels. 

Looking for an idea for home? Have your child go on a scavenger hunt at home to find 1 or 2 of these features in their books. Turn it into a game and see if they can find at least 5 different examples. These would all be easy and fun ways for your child to share their knowledge with you. If it's ok with you, they are welcome to take a picture and send it to me as well and we'll even show their learning on the SMARTboard during our snack break!
Finding labels in a book about dogs.

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