Friday, August 27, 2010

1st grade rocks!

Thank you to all that made it last night to Open House.
It was wonderful to get to meet you and your child. I am sooooo very excited to guide your child through this magical year of 1st grade!! As I mentioned when we met, please don't hesitate to call, stop by, or email with any questions or concerns you may have as the year goes on. 

One of the questions that came up last night had to with where to drop off your child in the morning. I did check into this and the official word is:
"Entrance #6—the PACE Doors off of Front Street—will no longer be open in the morning for students to enter school. Students may only enter school using entrance #1—the Central Office Doors, or entrance #10—the doors by our school office. The bicycle racks have been moved to the courtyard area to allow students to park their bikes."
For those of you dropping your children off in the morning, you may find it easier to drop them off in the circle drive (entrance #1 by the Central Office) not to mention it's the door right by our classroom as well.

Penny War results so far...
3rd is in the lead with +$2.17
2nd grade -$3.48
K -$6.09
5th grade -$7.27
1st grade -$11.01 Yikes! 
4th grade -$42.64

Remember, the way this works is that every penny we add to our jug adds points to our total. All silver money and dollars takes points away in the amount of the coin. For example, $1.00 in another teams bucket would deduct 100 points from their total. Looks like we need to be adding some silvers and dollars to some of the other grade level buckets. :-)   The money collected from the Penny War will be used to help purchase add'l SMARTboards for Glenbrook classrooms.

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