Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to

The Dog Blog

Blogging with first graders will be a new adventure for me, and probably for your child too! Last year my class maintained this blog as a way of connecting with our families and keeping them up to date on happenings in our classroom. We had lots of positive comments and really enjoyed sharing our thoughts and pictures. My hope is that we can do the same this year to keep you "in the loop with our learning"

Our blog is a newsletter of sorts which will be written either by myself or with our class as a group. Hopefully, later in the year as our writing skills develop, students will begin to do more of the blogging. This will be yet another way for your child to practice their writing skills but with a technology twist.

As I mentioned above, our blog will keep you "in the loop with our learning" but will also keep you informed of upcoming events. Our class website will continue to be maintained for general information and links to our favorite sites. I hope that you will bookmark our blog, check in often, and also take the time to leave comments for us to read as well.

Pawsitively yours,
Mrs. Malchow

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