Friday, January 14, 2011

A special visit

We had a very special vistor today at school, Cody!
Cody, is Miss Kandy's nephew who is in the Marines. He has been in boot camp out in California for the past 3 months and has not been able to talk to any of his family or friends while he was there. For Christmas our class made and sent him Christmas cards to help him through the holidays. Today, he made a stop at school to thank us and to tell us a little bit about his adventures in boot camp. Did you know that they only gave them 5 minutes to eat their meals? and that Cody makes his bed every morning as soon as he gets up? We also found out that a bed is called a rack. the kids really enjoyed finally getting to meet Cody and we are excited to continue to write to him as he ventures off to his next location.

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