Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rainbow Drawers

Did you know that we do Rainbow Drawers? They are fun because we learn from them. We learn how to spell new words. One of the drawers has smelly pencils. One drawer has popsicle sticks in it. We build our words with the popsicle sticks (see Dylan's picture above).The playdough is fun. It is mushy and it's fun to make words out of. We really like Rainbow Drawers.

This blog post was written by the first graders using a Step Up to Writing stoplight plan. Green=topic sentence, yellow=details, red=elaborations


  1. Oh Mrs. Malchow,
    I just love this post about rainbow drawers. Your pictures are great but the writing done by students really caught my attention. I just love it. Did you write together as a whole group or did they write it as a team. I am going to try this same task with my class. I am not familiar with Step Up to Writing. Is there anything I should know about the stoplight plan?
    Thanks, Claire

  2. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for checking in with us!
    We did write this particular post as a whole group as it was our first time doing a post together. I have wireless keyboard that I connect to my SMARTboard so that I can sit with the kids on the floor while we compose our posts.
    Step Up to Writing is a program that helps children to write expository and narrative pieces. The jist of the color coding is: green is for topic sentences, yellow is for details and reds are for elaborations. If you send me your email address I'd be happy to forward you the note that I send to my parents that may help you understand it a bit better.
    You can email me at: