Friday, February 25, 2011

Today during social skills we learned about Body Snatcher. Body Snatcher is an unthinkable who snatches your body away from the group. For example, when he strikes, you may tempted to fidget with your shoelaces, something you found on the floor, etc. Body Snatcher also causes us to get up and go before all of the directions have been given. Today we talked about these things and how we can defeat Body Snatcher with our SuperFlex strategies. See the poster to the right for our strategies.

In math we have been talking about attributes such as size, shape, and color.  We learned how to play a game called, The Attribute Train Game. Groups of 3 or 4 had to work together on the SMARTboard to add a block to the train but they could only change one attribute from the previous block. This really made the groups think and problem solve together. It was fun to watch the wheels turn.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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