Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big, beautiful BUGS

Well, I'm not so sure about beautiful but interesting for sure. Our Bess Beetles arrived this week for our terrariums as well as a container of Pill Bugs. We had a lot of ewwws... and ahhhhs... as we unpacked and observed them. The Bess Beetles are by far the largest bug I have ever seen! The interesting thing about them is that due to their size, you can distinctly see all 3 body parts in addition to their large mouths (mandibles). I'm sure that we will have fun watching and learning from these big guys over the coming weeks. If you have by chance have any wood chips in your garden and wouldn't mind helping our critters, could you send 3 or 4 larger chunks to school for ourr guys to nibble on?
Check out the video below for some pics of the event.

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