Monday, May 2, 2011

Animal Day

Today for animal day, the kiddos wrote a description of their animal using as much detail as they could. We talked about using color, size, and texture to help others recognize their animals. Once everyone had their descriptions written, we put all of the animals in the middle of a circle. We then read each description and based on the clues, worked to find the animal that matched. We found everyones on the first or second guess. The kids did a FANTASTIC job on their clues! Kiddos then took a picture of their critter and we put them in the hall for others to guess.

We also used our critters today during math. We reviewed measuring in inches and measured our animals heads, arms, legs, ears, and tummies. We then graphed our information.

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  1. Great job! We did a similar writing activity although we didn't bring in our teddy bears. I used large photos {from an old calendar} of various animals--We've just finished a unit on reading and writing about animal facts. The children gave clues about what their animal looked like, where it lived, and what it might eat. They also had tons of fun. I think we might have to bring in our teddy bears, too!