Thursday, May 12, 2011


What a fun and informational day! We spent the first half of our day going on a nature walk with Ranger Jason. We got the opportunity to use our 5 senses in many different ways on our walk. We ate Yellow Birch, got to touch a frog and a snake (if we wanted to), smelled Yarrow plant, listened to the many different sounds around us, and of course observed EVERYTHING! Ask your child to tell you about the games we played  when we got to the benches.

The second half of our day was spent with Ranger Lee learning about pond life. We learned about many different kinds of organisms that live in ponds including: snails, fish, water spiders, damselflies and dragonflies, and evil cousins. Ask your child the difference between a damselfly's and a dragonfly's wings. Once we were introduced to the many organisms, we got pond kits and were off to the pond to find and observe for ourselves. It was dirty work, but somebody had to do it.... and boy did we have fun doing it. See below for pictures from the pond portion of our day.
A special thank you goes out to Ben, Sarah, Sarah, Kelly,
Heather, Rhoda, and Brian for chaperoning our trip!

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