Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iPods abound!

Today was a fantastic day! We are starting to get into the groove and the many routines associated with everything from recess to lunch to how we come into the classroom in the morning are starting to come together!!!

Today we learned about tools and how they can be helpful to us during math. Each child got a tool kit today to keep their tools in. Ask your child about theirs and the tool that they got today!

Today we also took out the iPod touches for the 1st time. We talked a lot about my expectations for how they should unhook them, carry them, and use them. We learned about the home button and that each little picture is called an app. Today just to get everyone use to how they work we used the note app and wrote our names, words we knew, etc. Some of the kiddos even started to write notes to each other. It was great to see the excitement and you could have heard a pin drop with the exception of the sharing of sentences. Some of the kiddos even figured out how to get their screens to flip horizontally. I'm excited to see what the future will bring with these wonderful tools in our classroom. The best part is, as of right now, we have 15 students and 15 iPods, so everyone has their own! Totally awesome!!!


  1. I just wanted to say that I am so excited to see where all this technology is going to take your class. I hope I get invited back to see all of the awesome things the students in your room are certain to be doing. Have fun with iPods!!

  2. Hi I was so happy when I was scrolling through this blog and saw my son Braeden! This is a great way to see our children in their learning environment more than just on teacher conference day. This way parents get to see what their kids are doing on a daily/weekly basis. I love this!!!!! New technology is the way to our kids future! Keep up the great work Sara!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful comment! I am so glad that you are finding the blog to be beneficial. I love updating and sharing pics from our room so everyone can see the learning that is taking place! Again, thanks for the kudos! Much appreciated!!