Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where do you like to read?

This week we have been learning about 1 of our Daily 5 components, Read to Self. We created an anchor chart (a chart that goes on our wall to remind us of what we talked about) with our 5 expectations which are:
    The infamous tractor chair
  1. Get started quickly
  2. Read the whole time (nose in a book)
  3. Stay in 1 spot (use super glue)
  4. Read quietly (shhhh...)
  5. Build stamina (think about push ups)
 You'll have to ask your child what push ups are all about. Then ask them what stamina has to do with them and reading. :-)

Reading on Mr. Poochie-wah

On Friday, we talked about finding a just right spot to read. We talked about how just right spots are comfortable and let you be a reader. We then tried out different spots in our room to see where we were most comfortable. We tried out Mrs. Malchow's wheelie chair, the tractor chair, laying on the floor, using pillows, reading with lapboards, going under tables, and more. We then talked about how the coolest looking spots aren't always the best spots. Allie said she really liked reading under the tables, but Ayden said he kept bumping his head. Tyler said he didn't like reading by the cupboard because it was too hard and uncomfortable while Grayson said he loved it because he could lean up against the cabinets.

While we were trying out spots, we also worked to build our stamina for reading. Our first few attempts didn't take us far, we were able to read for about a minute. By the end of the week, we had built our stamina up to be able to read for 6-10 minutes. Having a comfie spot really seemed to make a difference for us!

Comfie on the floor
After trying several spots we wrote about our favorite spots as well.  (Click on the slideshow below to see our writing.) The writing mini lesson revolved around using finger spaces between words so you will notice pink or green highlighter tape between the words as we used that as a visual to see if our spaces were large enough.
When viewing, click on full screen and hover your mouse across the bottom by the controls, you will be able to see the caption of what each child wrote.

Where is your favorite spot to read? Leave us a comment and let us know. We'd love to hear some more suggestions!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello first graders! I love reading so much that my favorite place to read is anywhere I can bring my book! In fact when I travel with my family I don't like to drive because I'd rather read my book!!!

    Happy Reading!

  2. Hi first graders! My favorite place to read is in my big oversized chair in my living room. I cuddle up with my favorite fleece blanket, a big cup of hot chocolate, and my favorite book!

  3. Hey boys and girls, My ultimate favorite spot to read is laying in a hammock at the cottage, in the middle of the woods where it is peaceful (except for the birds chirping :) ) But you can't always do that, so just sitting in a comfy chair will do. Have a great time finding your comfy spot and read, read, read!

  4. Buenos Dias! I love reading out on my deck. My deck faces a huge pond and when the weather is nice, it makes it very relaxing to read. Good luck finding your special places to read!

  5. Hello First Grade! I love reading in the most comfortable spot in my house which is my couch! I love to have my dog Sugarbear right next to me when I read! I hope you all can find your special spot and read as much as you can!

  6. Hello students,
    My favorite place to go is my bedroom, I can close the door and no one will bother me. It has to be very quiet for me to read because I get distracted easily. Although, if I'm sitting on my bed I get too comfortable and might fall asleep.

  7. Hello Puppy Friends,

    I LOVE to read in bed. I like to cuddle up with my blankets and pillows. I need it to be super duper quiet! Keep reading and building your stamina!

    Mrs. Wiedeman

  8. Hello first graders,

    I love reading just before I go to sleep at night. I prop 2 pillows up on my bed, turn my lamp on, and read until my eyes close.

    Books are a true treasure. Enjoy yours!

  9. Hello Readers!

    I love to read in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee. I love the book you made about your favorite reading spots. Keep up the great work!

    Mrs. Schmidt :)

  10. Hello First Grade Readers!

    I love to read in the car or in my bed until I fall asleep, unless the book is too good, because then I land up staying up for hours reading. I hope you find a just right spot for you! Have a "pawsitively" fun time building your stamina and finding just right books for you!

    Mrs. Olson

  11. Hi 1st grade friends-
    I love to read in the car (as long as the road isn't too bumpy, hilly, or curvy)! We travel a lot and it makes the trips go so much quicker. Keep that 'drive' to read! It's so important!
    -Mrs. Brunke

  12. Hi Guys!!! I am so happy that you all have favorite places to read. My favorite place to read is when I am curled up on the couch in front of the fire place (in the winter of course) with a cup of coffee!!! Keep up the great work!!! Can't wait to see how well you are doing with stamina and read to self expectations!!!! :) See you all soon!

    Mrs. Luedke

  13. Hello First graders,
    I am so excited to see all the places in your classroom that you can read. My very favorite place to read is on an airplane. I get so focused on my book that the trip is over before I am ready to get there. I sometimes make myself be the last one off the plane just so I can finish a chapter.

  14. Hi First Graders! In the summer I love to read outside in my lounge chair in the sun. Other times I like to read in the recliner wrapped up in a blanket. I hope you are all working hard on building your stamina! Keep reading!

    Mrs. Wendricks

  15. My favorite place to read is on my couch, cuddled up next to my dog! It's so important to be comfortable :) Keep building that stamina- you're doing great!

    Ms. Watermolen

  16. Hi First Grade! Isn't reading great! I love to read even though I don't get much extra time for it now a days, but my two favorite places to read stories are under the big shade trees in my back yard or sitting in my favorite living room chair! My favorite place to read music is sitting behind my piano or guitar at school when you're singing with me! Have a great day.

  17. Hello Fabulous First Graders! I am glad to hear that everyone is so excited about reading. Well let me tell you a little about where I like to read. I have the "Perfect" chair for reading at home. It is a leather chair that sits right next to a big window looking out over my backyard. A lot of the time I sit sideways in it with my legs and feet stretched out over the sides of the chair. When I sit this way, I get lots of sunshine to light up the pages in my book. I have been known to read for as much as 4 hours without ever looking up from my book. Like I said, I have the "Perfect" chair for reading. Keep up the great work first grade!

  18. I like to read on the couch because I can lean against the pillow.

  19. I like to read in my bed before I go to sleep. It relaxes me and helps me sleep better.
    Angela's Mom

  20. Hi First Graders! My favorite place to read is in bed. I love to lean against a bunch of pillows and cover up with my blankets and read until I fall asleep! Keep up the awesome work on your stamina and reading! :)

    Miss Sulentic

  21. Hi class,

    My favorite spot to read in our house is sitting on mom's lap. I like to read to my mom and I really like the We Both Read books because my mom reads one side of the page and I read the other.
    Allie Jarock

  22. Hi Mrs. Malchow's class!

    My favorite spot to read is ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! As long as I have a book in my hand, I am a happy mom! Books rock!
    Allie's mom, Jennifer Jarock

  23. Hello Fabulous, Fun, Fantastic, & Friendly First Graders!!

    I love to read!! When I finally get the book I've been waiting for...I wait for the time in the day when I can FINALLY relax and dive into reading my book. My favorite spot to read is in my bed with lots of fluffy pillows and comfy blankets. I read until I get sleepy...then it's sweet dreams!

    Have fun reading.
    Mrs. Carrie Birr

  24. I love to read outside on a patio chair, either taking in the sunshine or the refreshing cooler air in the fall.

  25. My favorite place to read is outside on the grass on a sunny day.

  26. Anne says....
    I like to read on the recliner with my mom or dad . Anne



  28. you are work so so hrea you are doing.


  29. I like to read to my mom and dad and sometimes my self.It is fun to read.