Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm sure you've already heard...

that we have several new members in our class... we have a new fish tank with 5 fish and a snail. Over the summer I applied for a Pets In The Classroom grant and was one of the recipients! With the grant, I was able to purchase our 10 gallon tank, and most of the supplies to get it up and going. The kiddos are extremely excited and after checking in with me in the morning and making their lunch choice, everyone inevitably ends up over by the aquarium.

We have 3 Zebra Danios, 2 Red Wag Platys and 1 snail.
Can you find them all?
Each of us will have a couple of turns throughout the year to be our fish expert.  The fish expert will be in charge of feeding our fish each morning, checking the tank temperature (we need to keep it around 76 degrees F) and turning the light on. This will be a wonderful lesson in responsibility for all of us.

The fish have become quite the topic of conversation in class. There have been lots of fish stories during work on writing, the fish are read to daily during Read to Self, and kiddos are talking all the time about what kinds of decorations we need which includes sunken boats, castles, and treasure chests to name a few!  Hopefully Santa will leave our fish a small present.

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