Monday, October 17, 2011

Word Work with a Tech Twist

Smartboard games
 We are working to add Word Work to our Daily 5 routine and to add it with a bit of a technology twist. 

using Prezi
During our Daily 5 time, kiddos have the option of going to the Word Work area which gives them hands on experiences to learn our high frequency words as well as our vocabulary words each week.

Prezi on the iPad
Some of the options that are available at this time are: sight word games on the smartboard which use our weekly words, using the website Prezi on the iPad to review our weekly vocabulary words and then write them in our vocabulary notebook, and our rainbow drawers which is as low-tech as it comes. The "Rainbow Drawers" have various supplies such as magnetic letters, funky pens, smelly pencils, etc to practice our words.

One of the Rainbow Drawer options
We eventually will be using our iPod Touches during this time as well.

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