Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What a great looking crew!

This morning we started out our day by reading the book, Yuck Soup, by Joy Cowley. Our learning target was to use our picture clues and to get our mouth ready for the beginning sounds.  We had fun reading this book and extending it by thinking of other yucky items that could go into soup. Each of us authored and illustrated our own page which we will put together into a class book. See our book pages below. :-)

We also read a book called, The Pumpkin Patch and learned a bit more about the pumpkin life cycle. Did you know that the pumpkin seeds that farmer's plant are coated with a pink powder to keep underground insects from eating them? We talked about what facts were and recorded interesting ones as we read. We also practiced our comprehension strategy of Check for Understanding as we read.

For our party in the afternoon, we mixed our own batch of Yuck Soup and then shared it with our 4K buddies. It was fun to see each other again, especially in our costumes. While we enjoyed our soup together, we taught them how to play the game, Roll-a-pumpkin.  

(Again, sorry about the oversize- many of the embed codes, don't allow me to change the size)


  1. I love the pages for your classroom book! What great ideas and illustrations you all have!

  2. I thought that video was really cuite I loved it And natalie loved that activity natalie says she loves having you just like i did! Over the weekend we went to my favorite singer (jj Hellers) consert and it was so cuie she got so excited and we had so much fun she sings all my favorite songs i really like her shes a christian singer I got her autograph I went with my best friend olivia she is bolth of our favorite singer we love her so much!!!!!
    -Andraya Giesau