Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prezis rock!!!

Over the past few weeks our class has been learning our weekly vocabulary words in a new and exciting way. I have been creating Prezis which include pictures and video as a way of making learning vocabulary more exciting and engaging.  Each week we "walk through" the Prezi together on the SMARTboard by looking at the new word, reading the definition of the word, and then looking at a picture or small video to try and bring the word to life. During our Daily 5 time, students can grab an iPad and review the Prezi for the week to help them write the words in their vocabulary notebooks. 

Today one of the kiddos mentioned that he and his mom tried to watch our Prezi but couldn't find it... BRAINSTORM ALERT!!!!..... thanks to his wonderful comment, I am going to begin embedding our weekly vocab Prezi onto The Dog Blog so that you can enjoy them again with your child as a way of extending their learning beyond the classroom! Thanks Grayson!!! You Rock!!!!

I hope you enjoy watching these with your child! Sorry that the image crosses over onto the sidebar, unfortunately, I don't have the ability to change the size with the embed code. To view the Prezi or to advance to the next frame, just click on the arrow under the picture (your child should be an expert at this as they do it independently at school!). 

 Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

**Side note- the link to the Spanish toe nail color game is fixed! Thanks Yesica for letting me know it wasn't working!


  1. Here's what some of us thought about Prezi....
    We like using Prezi at school. Hunter
    Prezi is cool! Kamea
    Prezi is awesome. Ayden
    We like watching the little movies. Angela
    Prezi is something that we do almost every day.
    Prezi helps us learn. Yesica
    We like Prezi because it is fun. Mackenzie
    I love it because it is really, really fun!Allie

  2. I like Prezi because the kids like it! Allie's mom

  3. Hi Mrs. Malchow, ilove you you are the best teacher I ever could have asked for thank you very much <3 Natalie

  4. what a great tool for our visual kids! thanks Mrs. Malchow for going above and beyond my expectations!